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30 x 19.5”

This would be a “Medium Piece” Shipping

This piece is hanging at Goodfire Brewing. Available for purchase and pickup. If I am shipping it to you it may take me up to an extra week to receive the piece to get it out to you.

My Mom sent over a picture the other day. It was of my Pepere. We lost him last spring, that’s when I originally made this piece. When I was younger he used to raise pheasants and quail. I remember spending a lot of time watching them in their pen.

It was fitting because I had just “refinished” said piece. I am learning how to paint and it seemed appropriate to add color to this one. Usually when I make a piece I am thinking about people, times, interactions, and/or places. Memorial pieces are tough sometimes because I think about that person/animal (or my own) and I really get quite emotional.

It’s amazing what art does, even the process of making it. It felt a lot different working on this piece now then it was then when everything was so raw. Idk thought I’d share.

Each piece is handmade and hand drawn in my studio in Westbrook, Maine. All printed material is produced by Social Print Studio. I use recycled pallet wood for the “canvas” and paint, sharpies and pens for the drawings. All the pieces have very “live edges” so check out all the photos, the tactility of the pieces is hard to capture.

I do accept commissions. Please send an email to to set one up.

All pieces can easily be hung on the wall. They are intended to hang inside and out of direct sunlight.

Shipping: please choose the option specified at the beginning of the listing, also I won’t ship until the proper postage is received and will notify you asap.

Shipping is a little tough if you have any questions or to set up a local pick up please send me an email

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Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 14 × 5 in

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