Wow…. Portland you guys rock!

Wow! What a turnout for the past two weeks of shows! You guys are awesome. A huge thanks to the organizers of the SEA Holiday Fair as well as Picnic Portland thank you!

It was great to see so many smiles, get so many laughs and share so many stories with all of you.

Keep your eyes peeled coming up for the “leftovers” of the shows.



Hey everybody sorry it has been so long, I swear I am going to get better at this. I have a bunch of stuff coming up so expect a lot more posts and stay tuned. If you are looking to pick up some of my work or want to just check it out here’s where I can point you. Thru the end of September I will be hanging at Local 188 for Owl Show. Hoo. Pictured here. Or you can check out my stuff at The Merchant Co. here in Portland. Thanks!