This Weekend – Meredith, NH

Mill Falls – 312 Daniel Webster Highway

Saturday 10-6

Sunday 10-5

Monday 10-4

Join myself and lots of other artist folks at Mill Falls in Meredith, NH!

A great show put on by @castleberryfairs right across from Lake Winnipesaukee.

Should be a time! Stop by!

😉 there’s a great bar on the lake too.

Wow, 7 months just went by in an instant. Snap. Gone.

I have to admit I burnt myself out last winter and have been hiding in my cave ever since… kinda. After a lot of holiday fairs and great times with better people I had a hard time settling back into the studio. I used it as opportunities to try a bunch of stuff that I didn’t really care about, or I guess that’s wrong. I didn’t care if they came out well. I look forward to sharing some of that stuff in the near future.

I had this show hung for February and March, one at Discover Downtown Westbrook, it came down this week.

As well as one at Goodfire Brewing in Portland.

As always you can get my work at The Merchant Co., Foundation Brewing (thanks to everyone who has bought a piece recently, wow!), and Definitive Brewing in Portland. Brook City Nutrition in Westbrook and Locally Handmade in the Kittery Outlets are also options.

I feel like I am finally finding some balance between everything in my new(ish) life change. So expect more here. I know, I know, I know you’ve heard it all before.

Well July Flew By!

What a great month! It was so fantastic to meet so many folks at Castleberry Fairs Alton Bay show! I had a great time chatting with people and we were **pretty** lucky that it didn’t rain too much.

I also got to take a test spin on our new dog water bowl, sticker board and banner!

But honestly July was mostly about recharging our batteries… we spent a few days camping in the White Mountains with friends. I left feeling inspired by rocks and chipmunks, both overrun the campground we have been going to the last few years.

Every year we also take a vacation with my extended family on Lake Winnipisaukee, we have been doing it for over 20 years. It is why the Lakes Region in NH is so special to me. The lake leaves me breathless even after all these years. I absolutely love it.

This week has been getting back into the swing of things, and gearing up for my fair on August 7th, here in Maine. Details to come!

I love summer.

Getting Into The Swing Of It

I’ve been buzzing in the studio since my last post here. It’s been exciting seeing the amount of work I can get done in a week now. I am working on getting into more of a routine from day to day, but I haven’t gotten there yet. My current routine is kind of like O SQUIRREL! (I work on whatever) Also, maybe that doesn’t have to change…

In the last two weeks I have hung a show in Keene, NH, participated in a fair in Saco, ME and have been able to fly around to the different places that carry my work and keep them better stocked. It’s been magical.

So thanks, thanks everyone. Everyone who helped run shows, all my friends at the various businesses that allow me to sell of their walls, all the people who laugh and smile at my work at shows, and especially for everyone who has purchased work and let me keep on rocking. Cheers.

Also! Catch me this weekend in Peterborough, NH for their 5th annual art walk!

The End of an Era, and the beginning of a new one.

So for the last 17 years I have been working for the Blue Seal corporate stores, a grain company, I pretty much did anything asked of me. I have worked in five different locations throughout New England (mostly NH). Now, thanks to all of you, I believe that I can responsibly leave my job to exclusively work on art. To say I am excited would be a vast understatement. I worked with lots of great people in the last 17 years and learned a lot from each and every one of them, I will always feel gratitude towards my time there. Now though, it is time to follow my dreams.

“Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars” -Norman Vincent Peale

In the studio this week I got in a new shipment of hats, chipped away at more commissions, dropped new work off at Brook City Nutrition and will be wrapping up my Machina Kitchen show early next week. Lots of great stuff happening so please stay tuned and let me know about any art needs!

Last thing! The show over at The Seaweed Co. in South Portland is only up for the rest of the month, so please go check it out! Treat yourself while you are there too, if you are interested that is 😁. Here are a few teaser photos:

Making headway!

Good morning! Steady as she goes here at Creighton Studios. I ran into some hiccups with the Seaweed Co. install, but I will wait to tell you about that. What I will tell you though, when it’s done, it’s gonna look great.

I have been working so hard on getting all of the pieces done for my show at Machina.

I enjoy creating bodies of work specifically for the space they are in and these piece are going to look great. The walls are yellow so I have been using colors that I feel will pop off the walls. I chose to illustrate animals that might be found in a backyard in NH or ME to celebrate our collective emergence from our own homes. I feel like we have spent so much time at home in the last year (plus) and maybe we all have a little more appreciation for our neighbors furry, feathered and otherwise.

I also wanted to allow myself to have some “play” in this body of work. I try to leave my accent color pallet slats available for fine-tuning of sorts. Here I added a few washes to this piece to create a mold or fungus like appearance, they will feature snails when they are done.

Speaking of play, how nice has it been!? Last weekend the girls and I went down to Bouy and 3sArt Space to pick up work… but couldn’t leave town without a stop for ice cream!