2019 in full swing!

Hey everyone! Just wanted to share that I already have three shows lined up so far for 2019!

Fore River Brewing in March (probably, gonna nail down the month on Thursday)

Goodfire Brewing in May-June.

Pinecone+Chickadee in August!!!

Plus I have been chipping away at commissions!!! Thanks everyone!

Get to work Creighton!


Hey everybody sorry it has been so long, I swear I am going to get better at this. I have a bunch of stuff coming up so expect a lot more posts and stay tuned. If you are looking to pick up some of my work or want to just check it out here’s where I can point you. Thru the end of September I will be hanging at Local 188 for Owl Show. Hoo. Pictured here. Or you can check out my stuff at The Merchant Co. here in Portland. Thanks!