Finishing Seaweed Co and starting a new installation!

I’m going to start keeping a weekly blog here on the site so please check back weekly. Most likely on Friday mornings!

It was a busy week here in the studio. I agreed to a show at Machina Kitchen and Artsbar in Keene, NH. A beautiful (large) space that I can’t wait to fill with work. I began feverishly building, sketching and painting pieces.

On top of working on the new show I am wrapping up my show at Seaweed Co in South Portland. I am really proud of this work and truthfully might be some of my favorite work to date, and even includes a sculpture! Here are a couple of the new pieces enjoying a day by the ocean haha.

Have a great weekend folks.

Pre-Order, shirts and hats!

Here we go! Pre-Order time!

I gotta say I am super excited about the hats I might have to keep one of each haha. This is really going to be the last colors of these bears so if you missed out in the past, here is your chance!

So if you want in on the presale for either item please let me know via email, and have PayPal or Venmo ready!


I will get everyone who preorders an estimated completion date when I get it!