Making headway!

Good morning! Steady as she goes here at Creighton Studios. I ran into some hiccups with the Seaweed Co. install, but I will wait to tell you about that. What I will tell you though, when it’s done, it’s gonna look great.

I have been working so hard on getting all of the pieces done for my show at Machina.

I enjoy creating bodies of work specifically for the space they are in and these piece are going to look great. The walls are yellow so I have been using colors that I feel will pop off the walls. I chose to illustrate animals that might be found in a backyard in NH or ME to celebrate our collective emergence from our own homes. I feel like we have spent so much time at home in the last year (plus) and maybe we all have a little more appreciation for our neighbors furry, feathered and otherwise.

I also wanted to allow myself to have some “play” in this body of work. I try to leave my accent color pallet slats available for fine-tuning of sorts. Here I added a few washes to this piece to create a mold or fungus like appearance, they will feature snails when they are done.

Speaking of play, how nice has it been!? Last weekend the girls and I went down to Bouy and 3sArt Space to pick up work… but couldn’t leave town without a stop for ice cream!

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