Getting Into The Swing Of It

I’ve been buzzing in the studio since my last post here. It’s been exciting seeing the amount of work I can get done in a week now. I am working on getting into more of a routine from day to day, but I haven’t gotten there yet. My current routine is kind of like O SQUIRREL! (I work on whatever) Also, maybe that doesn’t have to change…

In the last two weeks I have hung a show in Keene, NH, participated in a fair in Saco, ME and have been able to fly around to the different places that carry my work and keep them better stocked. It’s been magical.

So thanks, thanks everyone. Everyone who helped run shows, all my friends at the various businesses that allow me to sell of their walls, all the people who laugh and smile at my work at shows, and especially for everyone who has purchased work and let me keep on rocking. Cheers.

Also! Catch me this weekend in Peterborough, NH for their 5th annual art walk!

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