Well July Flew By!

What a great month! It was so fantastic to meet so many folks at Castleberry Fairs Alton Bay show! I had a great time chatting with people and we were **pretty** lucky that it didn’t rain too much.

I also got to take a test spin on our new dog water bowl, sticker board and banner!

But honestly July was mostly about recharging our batteries… we spent a few days camping in the White Mountains with friends. I left feeling inspired by rocks and chipmunks, both overrun the campground we have been going to the last few years.

Every year we also take a vacation with my extended family on Lake Winnipisaukee, we have been doing it for over 20 years. It is why the Lakes Region in NH is so special to me. The lake leaves me breathless even after all these years. I absolutely love it.

This week has been getting back into the swing of things, and gearing up for my fair on August 7th, here in Maine. Details to come!

I love summer.

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